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limpet escape response
A Comparative Study of the Escape responses of Limpets. 1987, Jason Berg, Lester B. Pearson College.
Patterns of Color Polymorphism in the Intertidal Snail Littorina sitkana in the Race Rocks Marine Protected Area. November 1998, Giovanni Rosso , Lester B. Pearson College.
"The ecological niche of
Anthopleura elegantissima at Race Rocks"

January, 2000, Santiago Salinas
Lester B. Pearson College
succession block "A Study of a Biological System on an Introduced Substrate in the High Current Zone of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve"

January, 1991, Kalle Kalstrom,
Lester B. Pearson College

"Shade Preference in Sub-tidal populations of Dorid Nudibranchs: an Analytical Rebuttal

November, 2000, Ryan Murphy
Lester B. Pearson College.

Intertidal Zonation of Halosaccion Glandiforme: A Focus on Height and Slope As Factors Of Zonation.

December, 2001, Alex Fletcher
Lester B. Pearson College

Race Rocks Tidal Current Generator.
.April 2009 Connor Scheu

On File with BC Parks: Other Research essays done in the 1980's by Pearson College Students based on Research at Race Rocks
97-276 Berg, Jason M. 1987. A comparative study of the escape responses of limpets. (Pearson College extended essay )Unpublished. 35 p.Study comparing the escape responses of limpets. Conducted at Race Rocks ecological reserve, B.C .

97-265 Fredricks, Christina Lee. 1988. A Laboratory Study on Tidepool Protists. (Pearson College Extended Essay) Unpublished. 72 p.
A laboratory study examining the phototactic behavior and upper-most salinity tolerance of unicellular flagellates

97-277 Guttman, Hans. 1982. Metridium senile study at Race Rocks ecological reserve. Unpublished. 11 p.
Transect sheets from a Metridium study at Race Rocks ecological reserve, showing information concerning species, position, depth, date, divers, etc.

97--------Lindroth, Mattias 1990. Symbiotic Associations of Hydroids and the Giant Barnacle (Balanus nubilus) at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.
(Pearson College extended essay) Unpublished. 20 p.

97-268 Mackintosh, Rosemary. 1991. Imposex in carnivorous marine snails of British Columbia. (Pearson College extended essay ) Unpublished. 22 p.
Report on possible contamination by TBT (Tribuyltin, used in antifouling paints on boats), causing imposex in carnivorous snails at thirty-four sites in and around Vancouver Island and at Race Rocks ecological reserve.

97-269 Odeh, Omar. 1991. Microorganisms association with H. glandiforme.
(Pearson College extended essay ) Unpublished. 36 p. plus app.
Study done in the Race Rocks ecological reserve to detect the effect of certain characteristics of the red algae habitat (H. glandiforme) on the diversity and population of the species present inside H. glandiforme.

97-270 Veiogo, Peniasi S. 1991. A study of the level of parasitic infection
between two separate locations. (Pearson College extended essay )
Unpublished. 30 p.
Study to compare the level of parasitic infection between two different locations - Pedder Bay and Race Rocks. 40 crabs were observed for two parasites to observe if a relationship existed between the level of infection and the size of the hosts, as well as its sex.

97-275 Zahid, Maliha. 1987. Distribution of Anthopleura elegantissima
(Pearson College extended essay ) Unpublished. 51 p.

Report on the distribution pattern of sea anemone, at Race Rocks ecological reserve to gain insight into the environmental, biotic as well as abiotic factors influencing the pattern.

Scott WallaceResearch by External Researchers.
Further ideas for student research:
Osmoregulation: http://www.racerocks.com/racerock/eco/taxalab/2005/harpacticoid/harpacticoid.htm

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