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Hydractinia armata    

Hydractinia armata



 Hydractinia laevispina


nudibranch grazing on
Hydractinia laevispina


Hydractinia laevispina

Hydractinia laevispinas
Clavactinia sp.

Colony of Clavactinia sp.
female polyp
feeding polyps
group of males
feeding polyps
Aglaophenia sp.
 Eudendrium sp.  

Garveia annulata

Garveia growing out of a sponge



Rhizogeton nematophorum

stem of Garveia annulata in middle of picture

 Rhizogeton sp.

Abietinaria amphora
Symplectoscyphus turgidus  
Rhysia fletcheri  





Tubularia sp.



These images were scanned from 35 mm.slides taken by photomicrography of samples collected on permit at Race Rocks by Dr. Anita Brinckmann-Voss* with the assistance of students and faculty of Lester B. Pearson College. Scanning and preparation for html was done by Garry Fletcher.

Copyrighted 1999--All Images on this page are the property of:
Dr. Anita Brinckmann- Voss They can not be used or modified without her written permission.

* All hydroid species shown on this website have been reported in

:Brinckmann-Voss, A. 1996.- Seasonality of hydroids (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria)

from an intertidal pool and adjacent subtidal habitats at Race Rocks,

off Vancouver Island, Canada. Scientia Marina

60 (1):89-97.