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Pearson College –EnCana-- Clean Current Tidal Power Demonstration Project

Tidal Energy Project
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materials testing
In December of 2007,The Pearson College Divers installed a set of junction boxes as part of a materials testing experiment for the tidal energy project.
In the spring of 2005, a set of plates made up of 5 different materials and coatings was deployed in the centre of the main channel, straight out from the docks at Race Rocks. The purpose was to test the fouling rates on the various materials being used in construction of the turbine.
Nov 2005 results- (qualitative)
rusted June 2006 results
6-month succession April, 2007.The tidal energy turbine is raised to change the bearings which had been deteriorating faster than expected. This file shows the 6 month succession rate on various parts of the turbine.
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