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On October 17, 2008, Clean Current reinstalled the tidal energy turbine at Race Rocks. Timing of the operation had to be around a slack tide, and its always a problem to have enough time for completion of the basic underwater installation work before the tide starts running again. Students and staff of Pearson College will now work in the next few weeks using the 20 minute window of some slack tides to complete several aspects of the installation to prepare the unit for full operation again.

The turbine now has several upgrades developed on the basis of the experience of the first installation. Stainless Steel bearings have now been installed, and a new lubricating system with environmentally friendly lubricant was added. A new electrical wire protection system was added, and the augmenter duct around the outside was replaced with stronger reinforced fibreglass with a reinforced outer ring. The struts holding the central ring were also reinforced, and the blade configuration was modified.

This new deployment will enable a further test of the seaworthiness of the turbine. Perfecting the structure and its operation in these difficult ocean conditions is the goal of the experimental phase of the project.

Erik Schauff of Pearson College took the following pictures of the redeployment and the Pearson College Divers inspecting the apparatus underwater after the professional divers had completed their work.

tidal energy turbine
tidal energy turbine
 diver and turbine Carter (PC year 34) inspects the newly reinstalled turbine.
 diver and turbine College Divers Adam and Martin (PC year 34) diving near the installed turbine.

Other pictures of the turbine in various stages of the re-installation can be found captured on the remote control camera 5 on the October Photo Gallery by PB
The remating of the turbine with the pedestal was performed again by CanPac Divers. Our thanks to Glen, Dustin, Chris and Bill.
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