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Iridaea cordata

Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Protista
Division Rhodophyta
Class Florideophycidae
Order Gigartinales
Family Gigartinaceae
Genus Iridaea
Species cordata
COMMON NAME: Iridescent Blade Red Algae
Iridaea cordata is a red iridescent algae found on the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to Oregon. It grows in the mid to high intertidal zone, and its iridescence is caused by the multiple layers of its cuticle and cell wall. Iridaea cordata can range in size from less than 30 cm to 2 metres. The reddish algae grows upright and in clusters. The blade of the plant is broad and flat with ruffled margins..

Iridaea cordata is mentioned on the racerocks species list : ../../INVERTS/dgibbs.htm

Further information is needed on this species to determine the effects of environmental changes such as varying sea temperature on Iridaea cordata, as well as more information on the species place in the food chain.

An excellent internet source on Iridaea cordata can be found at: http://www.biology.ucsc.edu/classes/bio170/I.cordata/irideacordata.html

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