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Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy joined the staff at Lester Pearson College in December of 2008, taking over from Mike and Carol Slater as Eco-Guardian and manager at Race Rocks and was also our resident marine scientist on the island. In November of 2011 he resigned and went on to other challenges.
Below are some of the photos you can see on Ryan's Flickr site .
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Photo of Ryan taken from the remote camera 5 by Pam Birley.
Ryan's Flickr site
Ryan's Flickr site
Ryan used a special process of overlays to create this photo of his home on Great Race Rock. Ryan took this photo of a regular visitor to the island perched on camera 5. PB uses that camera remotely to take images on the island for the daily log
Ryan Murphy
Ryan in the station boat in his last term at Race Rocks , September, 2011
Ryan Murphy photography
Ryans Flickr site has some excellent photography that he has taken above and below the water while living three years on the island. This file displays a few of the views he sees from Great Race Rocks
Ryan Murphy Life on the Rocks

An Interview with Ryan Murphy in the Goldstreram Gazette, June 02. 2009

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