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(Coelopa vanduzeei) the flat backed kelp flies are the most irritating (to humans) of the organisms that inhabit the islands, but then again they are an essential part of the ecosystem. They do not look like a house fly but are rather thinner and a lighter color. In the upper intertidal zone they lay their eggs in decaying algae where the larvae, when they hatch, eat the bacteria that is decomposing the algae. This is a saprophagous mode of nutrition. In this video they move rather quickly, but you can see several copulating at various times. On a calm day kelp flies are very bothersome, but when a breeze is blowing they stay low to the ground. Often when our boat is docked, they will manage to find their way into the cabin so one has to open the windows and flush them out or they keep on pestering us all the way back to the college. Even in November, they are still around in the winch house and other unheated buildings on the island.