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June 13 Sea Lions and Divers
Northern Sea Lions on Great Race Rock island

Eumetopias jubata

ecol monitors Ecological Monitors encounter sea lions
California Sea Lions at Docks.

Zalophus californianus

DND Blasting on Bentinck island- effect on Sea Lion and seabird behaviour Oct 7,2002
DND BLasting on Bentinck Island- effect on Northern Sea Lion behaviour Nov 8, 2002
Ecotourism Impact Ecotourism, some of the impacts on sea lion behaviour.
This California Sea lion has caught a fishing flasher as it pursued a salmon lure.
Male Elephant seal hauled out on South Race Rocks .

Mirounga angustirostris

Elephant seals often haul out at the docks at Race Rocks. During their juvenile moult they can look fairly battered up.

Taxonomy File

Female elephant seal with moulting evidence on coat: south side of Great Race Rocks.
Male Elephant Seal Injured by BOAT propellor --January 2003

Taxonomy File

The recovered male elephant seal a year later.
Taxonomy File
56K version elephant seal sleep Slash, the elephant seal breath holding while sleeping.
baby elephant seal The first Baby Elephant seal to be born in Canada, January 30, 2009
Underwater race  rocks Underwater images at Race Rocks with Misery, the elephant seal included
Tidal Energy Project
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There is always a great diversity of mammals at Race Rocks.
Four species of marine mammals regularly haul out there, and the harbour seals are year round residents, pupping on the islands in April to June. The elephant seals are also year -round residents. In some years, the river otters also take up residence and have pups on the island.

Other species of marine mammals are transient in the area, with the sea lions staying from August to May.

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Harbour Seal underwater at West Race Rocks

Phoca vitulina

Harbour Seals on the West side of Great Race Rocks
56K version Harbour seal birthing area, and new born.

Phoca vitulina taxonomy file and other photos

Transient Orca's -possibly T14, south side of Race Rocks January, 2002

Taxonomy File

The racerocks.com Marine Mammal File

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